Happy 2012

Our first new blog of 2012 covering a newly published novel from a Browncoat, QMx’s photos of the 12ft Serenity miniature, Firefly MMO games and CSTS


Yes, we’re a tad late, but *shrug*?

Hot on the heels of the announcement that MMO game developer, Multiverse has officially closed down, the Browncoat year kicked off already with a report that their source code for the “Firefly” MMO (announced in December 2006) may not have disappeared into the ether and according to massively.joystiq.com, they were contacted by Tristan Bacon from Multiverse Foundation saying that they have acquired the source code and “starting work full-time on the actual MMO creation platform.” Bacon says that if there is still interest from fans, the team intends to use the platform to make a Firefly MMO.”  Unfortunately this is where it all starts becoming a little sticky as if you go direct to the Multiverse Foundation website, not only is it under construction (but there are forums!), you are greeted with this message from Mr Bacon:

“For those of you who have come here looking for news of the potential FireFly MMO – the idea is only being discussed, and nothing has been finalised. Despite what has been written on various MMO sites, we have not officially decided whether we will pursue the idea, as we would need to secure IP rights from both Fox and Mutant Enemy Productions.

Feel free to sign up to our forums and follow us on Twitter (@MultiverseMMO) to be the first to know.


Tristan Bacon

Director of Communications

The Multiverse Foundation”

Unfortunately it is worth pointing out that the reason why the original MMO was never finalised to the point of actual online gameplay was to copyright/licencing issues, and as both Odile and myself have discussed on various shows over the last few years, as much as we applaud efforts like this; there is, however, a danger of announcing such ventures early, enjoying the benefits of fan interest and involvement only to see it all dissolve into disappointment and disillusionment when the venture enters into the “long night”of R&D, obtaining rights, etc without regular updates or gets to the point of where the project has to be abandoned without announcement.  Meanwhile the Firefly Universe Online MMO, whom we interviewed during 2011, appears to be gathering momentum with updates on their Facebook page, here, posting current information regarding the game.

As expected there was a minor discussion on Whedonesque.com where long-term contributor (and former SaW guest) Gossi was able to shed a small light on the matter, here.

QMx gave Wendy a fun birthday present by posting photographs of the 12-foot Reaverized Serenity miniature built by Grant McClure Design for “SERENITY” spotted during a recent visit to Universal.  If you have not yet viewed the page (and why are not you subscribed to the QMx Insider?), please click here.  Also on YouTube there is footage of the miniature being filmed:

We received a lovely email from the lovely William Pace, 2011 Global CSTS Organiser:

“To everyone at Sending a Wave,

On behalf of the 2011 Global Team at Can’t Stop the Serenity and volunteers of CSTS worldwide, we’d like to take this time to thank you for your generosity in support of our charities through your gracious donations.  Your support as a sponsor during the 2011 season helped us raise over $130,000 for Equality Now and dozens of local charities.  The money raised this year will help women and children worldwide who are subject to slavery, sex trafficking and laws and traditions that deny them freedom, justice and a voice.  We are so very grateful for your help.

Thank you.

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to lend your support again in the coming 2012 season.  Your donations help us raise awareness of issues that might otherwise go unnoticed and lend a boon to the local volunteers in over 50 major cities the world over.

If you would like to continue as a sponsor, please feel free to contact William Pace about your sponsorship.

Again, thank you.  We could have not accomplished so much without all of you.

-The 2011 CSTS Global Team”

We look forward to continuing our relationship with CSTS during 2012

Apologies to Jen Hilton, 2011 Raleigh organiser for not adding this to one of our last 2011 blogs or mentioning on our show – yet!  Jen contacted us in mid-December to give us some wonderful news, she was having her first sci-fi novel, “Stellarnet Rebel” published!  I’m pleased to say that the novel is now available (published 2 January) and is available on Kindle via Amazon.com in the US (here) and Amazon.co.uk (here).  If you wish to learn more about Jen and the novel, please visit her website, here.  Both Odile and myself wish Jen every success on her writing career.

Lastly, a bit of fun that made me laugh; “Galactic Princess Headphone Covers” available from the Jacquie Longlegs Etsy store here.

Until next time


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