Last year, I looked at Zach Levi’s Nerd HQ events during San Diego Comic Con and sighed,  I listened to friends who attended and ground my teeth shrugging off my misplaced jealousy, but this year, I would love to see this!

Nerd-extraordiare, Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) founder of the wonderful Nerdist Podcast (along with his more than able partners-in-crime, Matt Mira and Jonah Ray) are partnering with LucasFilm, Machinima and Octa8on in creating “Course of the Force” which is an Olympic flame-style run from Santa Monica ending in San Diego over the course of five days leading to the start of the San Diego Comic Con 2012.

Mr Hardwick (and I haven’t forgotten how you were within feet of my office during your trip to London last November!) recently appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show to announce this event:

Chris Hardwick And The Course Of The Force! – Show Guests – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

And you can also learn more information from this video on the Nerdist YouTube channel:

If you wish to take part, you will find all information about how to register as a participant on their website: http://courseoftheforce.com/ as well as following on Twitter at @courseoftheforce and their Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/courseoftheforce

If any Browncoats run, let us know!



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