Firefly Universe Online video

As you may remember, Odile and myself spoke with Craig Redl, one of the Browncoats that are currently shaping the Firefly Universe Online game last August?  During the last couple of weeks, FUO have released a video giving us all a taste of what they have been working on and (hopefully) how the project has been shaping up.

I’ve read a couple of less than complimentary comments regarding the video and as much as they are in the very small minority, I think it is worth reminding us all that whatever the eventual outcome of this project, Craig and all the people who decided to become involved with this project are – at this moment – developing this out sheer altruism which means that they do not have thousands of whatever currency to spend on the graphics and the moment that the BDHs start looking like the actors who portrayed them it will cause issues.  My issues with the project regarding the legal minefield that they have to cross, have not diminished, but the project is moving on where others have failed and, surely, that must be both applauded and celebrated.


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