Show 90: The One With Brice and Equality Now

Hello, June; it really doesn’t seem like a year ago that we were last entering the CSTS season, but blow me …

Yes, the month of June can only mean two things for Browncoats – Joss Whedon’s birthday on 23 June and Can’t Stop The Serenity!

Hopefully you are all geared up for both, and as there are a number of CSTS events in the UK, decided against holding a Sending A Wave affiliate this year.

However, for our June show we speak with Brice Staeheli who is organising three days of CSTS in Minneapolis, mention that James Hance (the artist of last year’s wonderful “Firefrog” print) is once again fundraising for medical treatment for his daughter, Maddy, with an exclusive piece inspired by his “Wookiee The Chew” series (please find all details on his US website, and click on “Hugs for Maddy”).  Unfortunately, at present, this only appears to be available on his US/Canada site, not his UK site.  Lastly, the London office of Equality Now contacted us a few days ago to let us know that they have been able to obtain five of the Joss Whedon designed t-shirts for EN which he sported in the 2011 CSTS video and again at the SoCal Browncoat CSTS.  These shirts are currently on auction on and there is one shirt per size (ie one S, one M, one L, one XL and one XXL).  There is just over seven days left on the respective auctions, so lets start bidding!!!

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Wendy and Odile


3 thoughts on “Show 90: The One With Brice and Equality Now”

  1. What a wonderful, full podcast! I got a lot of ironing done while I listened, thanks! 😉
    I’m a member of the Global Team this year, so you gave me a lot to think about. I can’t address it all and I certainly am not speaking on behalf of William – the Global Event Coordinator. But I have a few thoughts, comments. One, the Global Team is small this year. We are all doing more than one job because not enough people stepped up. I work at Communications 2-3 hours a day and 5-6 hours a day during the weekend. I work full time and do have a life! (Well, sometimes.) William works even longer hours at this volunteer job. So just keep that in mind, if you would.

    In the podcast the Global team is discussed as though it is a separate, permanent entity. But its not. It is made up of (for the most part) local Organizers who have agreed (or been pushed;) ) into doing something on a Global level. This year was the first year that the Coordinator was a repeat.
    It is *because* it is not the same people every year that some things are more formalized. We want to be sure that we haven’t lost anything from previous years that we might find useful. I was an Organizer for the first 5 years and nothing was the same and while we were getting good at what we did in our city, we watched the Global Team flounder every year while they found their feet. Having set procedures in place allows Global to get organized earlier and lets the Local Teams know what to expect. Might this lead to stagnation? Absolutely, which is why we value people like Brice.
    For instance, the registration/preregistration was put in place last year and based on feedback, will probably change next year. But there still will be something similar. Those little boxes that need to be filled out are all there for a reason and are based on past events/experiences. After all, those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it! We try to learn from past mistakes.
    The Global Team is, this year, perhaps the most multinational it has ever been. There are members from the UK, Canada, Australia and the US. One enterprising Local Organizer has generously handled making Tshirts in the UK for the last 2 years, yet, because of costs, it was still cheaper for one UK organizer to order the shirts from the US.
    Odile, I was glad to hear that you paid no duty last year. As you know,when I was the Toronto Organizer, I also got hit with horrible duty/taxes. But it is, quite frankly, a crap shoot. One UK organizer has said he got hit with bad duty this year although William did exactly as he did last year when sending everything out.
    One last point in this long post! Part of the many hours I have been spending doing this “job” is writing to some of the cities who did it last year and from whom we had not heard. Sometimes it was to let them know of various deadlines, sometimes it was to offer our help. Sometimes I have gotten a reply, other times I haven’t. But we do try to reach out.


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