SDCC 2012 – Nerd HQ: Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion

I’ve just watched the Nerd HQ “Talk with Joss Whedon” and although I’m still out on the fan-thing (seriously, it is possible!), I can safely say that I have just fallen in love with the human being.  This is a great talk – thoroughly enjoyable:

Live From Nerd HQ: Joss Whedon |

Also on Sunday morning, Nathan Fillion did a second talk at Nerd HQ which is great fun, but the vid stops at 40 minutes and at the moment, I don’t know if HQ will be posting the remainder.  This second talk is great fun:

Live From Nerd HQ: Nathan Fillion Pt. 2 |

I think the whole fan community needs to give Zachary Levi a huge round of applause for creating Nerd HQ – it is becoming such a wonderful feature of the SDCC weekend and a fabulous way to support a charity.  For those of us unable to physically be part of San Diego Comic Con, we certainly appreciate the live streaming and online viewing of these talks.



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