“Meta SciFi” a new online work from Cultural Archivist, Martin Firrell

Many of our regular – and long-term – listeners will remember that Wendy spoke with Martin Firrell about his work, “Complete Hero” which featured Nathan Fillion a few years ago.  Martin is beginning to reveal his new work, “Meta SciFi” which will be available shortly and in a departure for him, will be a work completely available online via the website, metascifi.com, and also, via an app for smart phones and tablet and a Facebook page has been created at www.facebook.com/MetaSciFi .  There is a belief that this is the first time that a work of this kind has been presented in this fashion.

Martin agreed to give us another interview regarding his new work, and this will be available for download as a bonus show within the next week.  During the interview he discusses the genesis of the work, why he worked with Nathan Fillion for a second time and the reasons why he approached some of our favourite science-fiction actors and engaged them in in-depth interviews to discuss the inspiration for living well from television science-fiction.

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