Show 93: The One with Dragons!

Here we are in September!

Wendy had a great time at this year’s DragonCon and thanks everyone she saw there.  If you picked up one of our postcards at the con or was given one, and this is your first time with us; welcome!  Both Odile and I hope you enjoy this show enough to stay with us and check out our previous ones.

We have a content packed show for you all this month.  While at DragonCon, Wendy caught up with the “Firefly” cosplayers, 76th Battalion, headed up by our friend, Scott Akin, just before they took part in the Saturday morning parade.  If you are interested in joining them – they are always looking for newbies, please check out their website, and you can also buy merchandise to help support them.

Of course I couldn’t not let a trip to the con pass without grabbing Michael Doherty and talking to him about his new project, “Z*Con” and what using Kickstarter means to independent projects like this.  If you want to learn more about the project, please go to their website, to keep up to date with their latest news.

A little while ago, a listener forwarded on a post on regarding Space X and their Dragon spacecraft.  The post was written by Jeff Cunningham and was a very passionate proposition regarding petitioning Space X to name their first manned Dragon vehicle, “Serenity”.  If you wish to read his post, you can here.  I am pleased to say that Jeff and his colleague, Christopher Tobias, spoke with us to talk about this in much greater depth and what can Browncoats do to try to make this a reality.  To find out more about Space X and to keep up to date with their news, please see their website,  Jeff and Christopher have started their own website to support their project, and you can find the online petition that they refer to, the address for Space X, and all the news regarding their efforts.  You can also follow them on Twitter at @TakeBacktheSky, and also support their Facebook page,

If you wish to support this effort, please sign the online petition on their website, and also write (yes, write – pen, paper, postage stamp …) to Elon Musk, the CEO/owner of Space X at the following address:

Elon Musk
Space X
1 Rocket Road
CA 90250

As always, we hope you will enjoy the show and if you do, you can leave comments here or on our Facebook page or Twitter.

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Wendy and Odile




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