Sean Maher – “Retcon” web series

Sean Maher is involved with a new web series called “Retcon” which needs the kind of help that Browncoats are the best in the business at giving!

The series will be a web sci-fi action dramedy created, written, produced and starring Miley Yamamoto.  Besides Sean, it will also star Yuri Lowenthal, who you will best know as the voice of “Ben 10”.

They are on social media and you can keep track of news via their Facebook page, as well as their Twitter, @WatchRetcon.  You can support this project via Indiegogo at and they have now approx 5 days to reach their goal.  Below is the team’s hilarious pitch video.

And here is a great behind-the-scenes video which I know you’ll also love:

Now you have watched the videos; of course you want Sean to have that triple shot, low-fat latte, so support!

Both Odile and myself, wish all involved every success with this project – we certainly want to see it!



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