Show 94: The One Where We Call Retcon

October!  So many things; fallen leaves, the nip in the air and it has been a year since Odile attended the Browncoat Ball …

This year it heralds the start of Marian Call’s first ever tour of Europe and we are mighty pleased that she’s coming.  You can find out all about her current schedule at  Both Odile and I are hoping to make it to at least one performance, and hope that you do too!

Following on from our support of Sean Maher’s web project, “Retcon”, we also spoke with creator, writer and leading lady, Miley Yamamoto, to learn more about the project and what Browncoats can do to continue to support it.

Both interviews are fabulous and Odile and I want to thank both Marian and Miley for getting up early to fit in with us.

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Wendy and Odile


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