2012 CSTS Auction

All apologies to our friends at CSTS Central for the late posting of this.

When we had Lioness on the show earlier this year discussing elements of CSTS, she hinted at the then up-coming CSTS Auction but of course needed to keep things under wraps.  Now, all can be revealed and Lioness kindly sent an email:

When we last spoke I teased about the auction coming up. Well, now I’m allowed to give you a bit more information. Ray Hill has kindly agreed to run it for CSTS again and it will start in early November.
We received lots of exciting items and I will send a fuller list this coming week but included in it is:

swag that Disney sent out to promote The Avengers,

a Waistpouch/fanny pack that Sarah Michelle Geller & Alyson Hannigan gave to the crew one Christmas during Buffy- never used!

a drawing of Mal that Fabio Moon drew just for the CSTS auction. Fabio drew Sugar Shock and the Serenity Comic that was issued on Free Comic Day this year. You can see what his artwork goes for here:

I will let you know exactly what the dates are for the auction as soon as *I* know, but I wanted to get this much off to you in case you are recording a podcast soon.

Thanks for your continued support of Can’t Stop The Serenity.


Of course it will be much, much easier to keep up to date with all the auction news via cantstoptheserenity.com.  Ray Hill of Fanporium Auctions (who managed the fabulous Shawna Trpcic eBay auctions earlier this year) is overseeing and as a buyer of one of the Mal costume drawings, I can personally vouch for Ray’s great communication and speedy despatch.



One thought on “2012 CSTS Auction”

  1. The auction is over today with some bids closing at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time and the last closing 2 hours later. There are some great deals to be had and it is alot more than just Firefly/Serenity things


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