Show 95: The One With the Musicians and the Ball

Hello from a cold and damp November Blighty!

Odile and I have a packed November show for you!

This month we both bring interviews: Wendy speaks with Cindy from the Arizona Browncoats about their successful bid for the 2013 Browncoat Ball; while Odile caught up with Marian Call and Scott Barken during Marian’s first European tour.

Also in the show, we add our voice to the search for a new CSTS Global Event Co-ordinator; please read the email below from Jen Cummings regarding this:

Hi there!

This year’s call for volunteers to head up and join the Can’t Stop the Serenity (CSTS) Global Team has resulted in only a few responses.  Which means that CSTS 2013 is at risk of not having a team to organise things from a global level.  As a past/present CSTS Organizer, we desperately need your help to make sure that CSTS can continue to be viable as a fan-run charity movement.

There are lots of ways you can help, but the most important is to help us to find volunteers to nominate for the role of Global Event Coordinator (GEC).  It’s a big job, there’s no denying.  But the person who takes on the job gets a lot of support, and is never left to struggle on their own. There are lots of people to go to for advice, guidance and help, and a lot of the hard work (based on lessons learned from our seven year history) has been done to lay down a good foundation.  The only downside is that the GEC can’t head up a local event (because the role is a lot of work, and we want to make sure sanity is retained!).

“If not you, then who?” We really need someone to step up and be willing to help lead CSTS in 2013.  To keep CSTS 2013 on track, we need to have the global team in place by early December.  So please think about it for yourself, talk to your team and to other Browncoats who have headed up events.  And let us know. 

I’m emailing this call for help to as many CSTS organizers, and past Global Team members as I can track down.  But some of the email addresses are old and out of date, so you if can help us spread the word to past and present CSTS organizers please do.

We have about 3 weeks max to find us a GEC and a full team complement.  All the details about the role of the GEC and other team positions are on the website under the “About” section.  Here’s the link: Details about how to apply for a role are here:

Jen Cummings

Global Steering Committee Chair
Can’t Stop the Serenity

Whedonverse Inspired Charity Events

As we say in the show, if you are interested in nominating yourself OR you know someone who would be PERFECT, then you only have until the end of November to contact CSTS.

Wendy talks about attending the Dallas Comic Con in October; Odile talks about seeing Marian’s brunch concert in Birmingham and if you are so inclined, Nathan Fillion has been nominated for a second consecutive year for a People’s Choice Award in the Best TV Dramatic Actor category and as we’re certain his last one would very much enjoy a companion, you can vote for him here in the TV category.

As always, we hope you will enjoy the show and if you do, you can leave comments here or on our Facebook page or Twitter.

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Wendy and Odile


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