Show 98: The One Where We Chew The Cud (Again!)

Welcome to the February show!

After such a bumper January, Odile and I just decided to ease back and catch up on news from around the fandom and have a little rant …

So where to start?!  These notes are not likely to follow the show order (you have been warned):

The Browncoat Ball – for all their ticketing details, please go to their website,

Mikey Mason tour details: and you can download a track or two and watch videos.

Marian Call: and follow the link on the home page to purchase the “Something Fierce” live album.

For ALL information about Can’t Stop The Serenity including where the events are and how you can become involved, go to their website,

Details of how to celebrate Nathan Fillion’s birthday next month by donating to Kids Need To Read, please go to their website,, and follow the banner links.  Go on, show the Captain some fan love, you know you want to …

I’d post website links for both the Jameson Dublin Film Festival and Glasgow Film Festival, but the screenings for “Much Ado About Nothing” are sold out – sorry!

You can hear Odile on the lastest episodes of  The Shonky Lab and Highway To Mars podcasts on iTunes OR their websites are and  And you can also download the latest The Question Podcast asking “what is a real fan?” from iTunes or their website,

Join us for our March show in … um … March.


As always, we hope you will enjoy the show and if you do, you can leave comments here or on our Facebook page or Twitter.

You can find our podcast on itunes, here is a direct link to our page.

If you use iTunes as your podcatcher, please leave us a review.

Of course you can also download the show directly from here!



7 thoughts on “Show 98: The One Where We Chew The Cud (Again!)”

  1. Hi!
    Podcast has been uploaded again and it is now the full version… not sure what happened last weekend… so if you want to hear the last 5 minuytes you can either click on the link above or re downloaded
    Thanks for pointing this out!

    Odile x


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