Pyrkon 2013

Unfortunately, I’ve been having one of “those” times when life takes over …

I had a fantastic time at Pyrkon 2013 in Poznan, Poland.  It was my first time to the country, and I want to thank fellow Browncoats: Jakub Cwiek, Marek Okroj, Patricia Sorensen and Pati for looking after me, translating, the vodka and being such wonderful hosts!

This year, Pyrkon nearly doubled its attendance numbers to just under 12,000 which made it Europe’s largest convention.  The Browncoats of Poland are swelling their numbers and I am pleased to say that I took part in one of the “Firefly” panels, was able to screen some footage from CSTS and I have been informed that fans from Wroclaw have contacted CSTS about holding an event.  Job done!

The convention itself reminded me of DragonCon. It has been organised into separate tracks/themes, but there is a lack of TV SF because my hosts tell me that it is a genre that isn’t regularly aired on Polish TV, but it is readily available on DVD.  The fun differences were the enterprising fans who set up a mini-kitchen (yes, you did read that correctly) in the dealer’s room and were making sandwiches and selling pizzas, etc, there was also a SF/fantasy/Anime themed cupcake table – oh, you’ll see the photos once you’ve read this …  I HAD to try the “In Space No One Can Hear You Munch” cake complete with a fondant icing chest-burster which was absolutely delicious!  The convention also turned one of the exhibition halls into a con dormitory as Poznan doesn’t have enough hotel accommodation and what there is is too expensive for a number of the attendees.  Tabletop gaming, fantasy card games and LARP are huge in Poland so everywhere you looked, there was a game/scenario running throughout the length of the con.

It was a fabulous experience and one that I can thoroughly recommend.  The video that I have included is a Pyrkon tradition and it gives a brilliant snapshot of some of the attendees/costumes  that the con offers.  Just one thing, it was -15 outside the centre:

Now some photos:

Pyrkon 2013
waiting in line
scratch built Millennium Falcon
shy Cthulu
Dealer’s Room Kitchen
steampunk across nations
Harley Quinn cosplay

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