Show 106: The One With Leaves On The Wind

Odile and Wendy welcome you to the October show.

No, no spooky shenanigans, I’m afraid, just plenty of “Firefly”/”SERENITY” goodness in a show pretty much packed to the gills!

This month we touch upon the recently announced new “Firefly” six-part mini comic series, “Leaves On The Wind” being written by Zac Whedon (nothing like keeping it in the family, I say!).  This is being published in late January 2014, so that gives us something to look forward to in the New Year.

While on her recent trip to the New York Comic Con (according to local news reports, officially the USA’s largest convention of it’s kind at approx 150k attendees!), Wendy was able to buy the “Firefly” board game from Gale Force 9, but missed out on the regular Browncoats of NYC shindig.  Wendy talks briefly about attending the convention.

We have interviews for you this show!  One is with Californian duo, The Fallen Stars, who have recently released an EP of songs inspired by “Firefly”.  Their music is fabulous and we get an exclusive song to celebrate the episode, “Our Mrs Reynolds”, from their next “Firefly” inspired EP.  If you wish to purchase the EP, the best way to support the band is to buy directly from their website, and follow the links there  for the “Leaves On The Wind” EP – please support them.  The other interview is with Zac Pensol, Creative Director of Toy Vault – the company who will be releasing their table-top “Firefly” card game before Christmas, range of plushies and other “Firefly” merchandise.  Wendy discusses developing the game with him, along with what we can expect from it when it is available.  At the moment, you can pre-order directly from their website,, and you like them on Facebook to get all the latest news about all their product range.

As always, we hope you will enjoy the show and if you do, you can leave comments here or on our Facebook page or Twitter.

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Wendy & Odile


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