Bonus Show: The One With Two Halves

Kids-Need-to-Read-logoAhead of our main November show, we both had separate chats which we couldn’t wait for the main show to bring you, so we decided we would have a bonus show!

Wendy spoke with Denise Gary from Kids Need To Read about their first toe-dip into the world of Kickstarter for their first book, “The Little Flame” and also their Legacy Donations.  You can find KNTR at and their Kickstarter at  Please try to support them if you can!

While Odile spoke with one of the Browncoats we met at the London CSTS, Meredith, who also attended this year’s Browncoat Ball in Arizona.

We hope you enjoy them!

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Of course you can also download the show directly from here!

ALSO, we are pleased that the 2014 Browncoat Ball will be held in South Carolina.  This will be the first ever Browncoat Murder Mystery which sounds intriguing and while they are getting the website together, they have a FB page, here

protoLastly, heard the one about the Firefly USB flash drive?  No?  Want a Firefly USB flash drive?  But Hell, yeah!!!!  In that case, Incubot have a Kickstarter campaign to bring you just that!  All details are on their campaign page, here, and also on their website, here with more information and photos; we wish them all the success in their campaign.

If you have enjoyed this show and the many others we have produced, please consider supporting us by sending us a donation; all we’re asking is the equivalent of a beer or your favourite coffee to help us keep flyin’.

Hope you join us for our main November show!

Odile and Wendy


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