We screwed up!

We have to send our apologies for all those who have downloaded our November show – basically we screwed up in a rather big way with a HUGE error which just shows that we still very much have a lot to learn!

All of you who have listened to it, will have either had or be having your poor ears assaulted by interference – like utter idiots we were having such a good time, of course we didn’t think to either switch our mobiles off or at least move them away from the recorder.  We couldn’t hear anything (seriously, you really think I do this wearing an earpiece?), at the end realised that we wouldn’t have to edit and due to having recorded in public places before – what on Earth could possibly go wrong?!  This is the result of that complacency and our lesson is learned.

Please accept our apologies, especially to Ryan, and we hope that this doesn’t put you off from joining us in December when we will be unwrapping the “Firefly” board game!

Odile and Wendy


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