“Firefly In The Darkness”

Our friend, Jakub Cwiek of the Browncoats of Poland, has done it again with his new book “Firefly In The Darkness”.

It’s available in a hardback and as an ebook in both Polish and English, and best of all, profits are supporting Kids Need To Read.

I downloaded the novel last night and it is a simply delightful read with wonderful illustrations.

The English site is www.fireflyinthedarkness.com and you can download the ebook and order the hardback from them directly.

Both Odile and I wish Jakub every success!




One thought on ““Firefly In The Darkness””

  1. Just found your show. I remember hearing ads for it a long time ago on another firefly/serenity podcast that is not broadcasting anymore. I got the game for Christmas and went searching to see if anyone was still taking firefly. Thanks for your dedication. I just got the Breakn’ Atmo expansion cards and they are pretty cool. I can’t wait till Pirates and Bounty Hunters comes out in March-ish…(Here in the states anyway) I made a cheat sheet of important points about the game to help when teaching new people how to play. When playing I put out 5 little bowls. 1 for Passengers/Fugitives, 1 for Cargo/Contraband, 1 for Fuel and parts, 1 for Goal/Warrant tokens and 1 for disgruntled tokens. That helps keep things a little more organized. If playing a game with limited number of turns I use glass beads or poker chips to count the turns.


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