PSA: Nerd HQ, Charity: Water, Kids Need To Read

A few things to remind you about:

1) Last 44 hours for you to support the first publication from Kids Need To Read.  Please support by going to their indiegogo compaign,

2) Nathan Fillion is asking for you to contribute to to celebrate his upcoming birthday and for every $10 donated you will be automatically entered into a draw to meet him.  So $10 = 1 entry, $20 = 2 entries, etc.  There has been full details on his Twitter feed if you wish to read.

3) A few years ago, Zachary Levi created something very special running alongside San Diego Comic Con – Nerd HQ.  As part of that, he and as many like-minded friends as he could muster, held panels to raise money for Operation Smile which is an international charity providing operations for children born with cleft palates.  The panels last year raised $215,000 for the charity, each operation costs approximately $240 – that raised enough for almost 900 procedures.  For 2014, Zach Levi needs our help to enable Nerd HQ to continue.  Yes, at $1m, it’s a lot of money, but we are only being asked to donate $5 each – you can donate more if you wish, but $5 is it.  I have no idea if I will ever be able to physically attend the San Diego Comic Con, let alone attend Nerd HQ, but I have enjoyed watching the panels from overseas and I want to see this continue.  I’m pleased to support this both personally and via this podcast.  Please watch the video below and donate at



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