Show 112: The One Where We’re All About The Giving

Happy April!

In this show, Odile talks to Matt from the Beeston Browncoats about his Five Peak Challenge for Can’t Stop The Serenity 2014; you can follow Matt’s progress via his blog – “Cap’n Fatpants’ 5 Peak Challenge” and you can donate via their main website.

We give a shout-out to our friends, the Alberta Browncoats in Edmonton, AB, Canada who are nearing the end of their 2014 online fundraising for Kids Need To Read, Equality Now and local charities,  They have some fantastic items and if you can’t bid, you can still donate to them via their main site!

As you know, we are still knee deep in our “Firefly” RPG and our fabulous GM, Ryan Blake, tells us about how he plans to plant an Independent Flag on the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro this year with YOUR help!  The correct address for Ryan’s Just Giving page is – but why search when you can click on the link?!  If you want to offer him a donation in return for an RPG twist for our game, you can contact him via Twitter at @RyanBlake235

There’s a quick shout to our friends @CSTSValleys for their first Can’t Stop The Serenity event held on 14 April and Odile quickly mentions the CSTS Leicester event (their website is here!) which is on 6 July for every one in the Midlands or if you fancy a day trip out to support.  This is definitely an event that Odile and myself will be attending.  For details of how CSTS 2014 is shaping up and all events, your one-stop-shop can only be  If you want to organise an event, there is still time to register.  Since 2006, as a fandom, we have raised over $900k globally!  That is no mean feat and our belief in ourselves and our capabilities drive us forward; if every fan supports a CSTS event whether or not they can attend, we keep proving how “we’ve done the impossible and that makes us mighty.”

We also discuss the upcoming Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat from our friends AbbyShot! Check their website here and look how lush this browncoat is going to be!



Finally, Wendy gets a bit excited about her trip to the Dallas Comic Convention next month!

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Odile and Wendy


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