Dallas Comic Con May 2014

I started this from the departure lounge at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport at the end of what was a fabulous weekend.  Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to finish it a week later …

Firstly, I want to say “thank you” to Tami from the Alamo City Browncoats for talking to me about the Browncoats in San Antonio and Shannon, COO, and Scott, Director of Operations,  at QMx for talking to me not only about the quite excellent “Hero of Serenity” statue which is now open for pre-orders, their forthcoming 6-inch figure range and the forthcoming “Firefly Online” MMO.  Thanks also to Jason Palmer (@jasonpla_art) who is always fantastic to say “hello” to, Maya (@AskKayleeFrye), Devin Pike (@justdevin) – who organised the excellent Saturday night shindig – and everyone I spoke with in queues …

The reason for attending was, of course, that there were going to be a number of the “Firefly” cast attending.  Unfortunately, as the con drew nearer, Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin withdrew due to work commitments.  I’m led to believe that during the course of the weekend, the event drew approximately 100k attendees which exceeded all expectations.

The only time it looked as if the organisers looked as if they were taken by complete surprise was for the “Firefly” cast panel.  Naturally, fans knew that this was going to be popular and therefore the only way to ensure getting in was to queue early, and fans had started to gather by 9:30am on Sunday morning.

By the time the panel started, to say that the atmosphere was electric was a bit of an understatement.  The hall used for the major panels had seats for 4,500; not only were all seats filled, but the organisers had taken the decision to allow standing in the back in order not to disappoint.

Anyone who has seen any footage is aware that the panel kicked off with a video message from Joss which was lovely and during the course of the panel, although we may have physically had seven cast members present, not only did Alan Tudyk call in from Australia, but Nathan Fillion contacted him via the iPhone’s FaceTime so not only could he see the crowd, but we could see his reaction.

As I said on an earlier podcast, this was going to be one panel that would be over far too soon and of course, it was; but it was fantastic and I’m so glad I was able to make the journey.

Regardless of the guests that the Dallas Comic Con will have in the future, it was a fun event and worth the time and money.


The queue for the panel after one hour
The queue for the panel after one hour
40 mins to the panel start and standing room only
40 mins to the panel start and standing room only
Our Big Damn Heroes!
Our Big Damn Heroes!
Alan Tudyk from Australia
Alan Tudyk from Australia

One thought on “Dallas Comic Con May 2014”

  1. It was a great time. The promoters said that after counting all te people standing in the back there were about 6,000 in the firefly panel. Also I got my Pirates and Bounty Hunters Firefly expansion the day after the con.


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