New Clue Game Edition – “Firefly”!

Firefly Clue USWe’ve all now become accustomed to the makers of our now “classic” family boardgames such as Monopoly, Clue, Risk giving them a kind of update by releasing a special themed edition.  Remember how much excitement the first Star Wars themed Monopoly edition caused? are currently taking pre-orders on a “Firefly” edition of Clue being released in August 2014.  As the website does say that this can can not be shipped to certain locations outside the US, I think it is safe to say that the UK is one of those locations, I’m afraid, as I would imagine the game’s licence is held by a another company as well as we know this game as Cluedo.

Yet again, the current licensing team at Twentieth Century Fox appear to be making up for a lost decade of missed merchandising opportunities …

If you wish to pre-order, please follow the link and don’t forget, Jayne did it in one of the smuggling bolt holes with Book’s taped together Bible …



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