Show 116: The One About Leicester and Grande Prairie

Welcome to a currently hot and humid UK!

Already over half of the year has gone and we are well into CSTS 2014.

Odile and I attended the Leicester event earlier in this month and although we spoke with a number of people, time restraints meant that we have only included a couple – sorry!  It was a fabulous event and full marks to Tabbie and her team for all their work on the day.

We also reconnect with Nyssa from the 28th Fighting Swans way, way, way up in the Great WhiteNorth, Grande Prairie, Alberta who fills us in as to the current happenings as to her third CSTS event on 28 September.  If you can support them in any way, you can connect with them via their Facebook page,

We are also pleased to learn that there will be a London CSTS event this year in October at The Mad Hatter Pub and you can find all details on their website, here.  We hope to be able to attend and may be we will see you there!  As always, keep up to date with any new CSTS events via – click on “find an event”.

We were contacted by John Mullaney (Serenity cut-away artist, still available via QMx; @jonnymakesjam) with a new “Firefly”-inspired song by a friend of his and we’re including it because we think it is very funny and hope you will too.

Now that the Whedonverse Track schedule is available on their website – yet another shameless plug for the “Fans Are Doing It For Themselves” panel on Saturday, 4pm in the International DE room.  Please join Wendy, Mike Dougherty (“Browncoats: Redemption), Les, Kari and Andy (The Signal podcast) as we talk about our efforts to keep The ‘Verse alive.

As always, we hope you will enjoy the show and if you do, you can leave comments here or on our Facebook page or Twitter.

You can find our podcast on itunes, here is a direct link to our page.

Of course you can also download the show directly from here! Or listen to us on PLayerFM by clicking here!

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In the words of Captain Lazerbeam, “sayonara citizens” and until next time …

Odile and Wendy




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