Show 118: The Short Summer Show

CSTS Poster London 2014While we were recording in June and looking ahead, we both considered that it may be an idea to “rest” for August as we were both rather busy.  We thought the same thing in July, and no sooner agreed than, suddenly, there were things to talk about!

You would already have heard the first of those “things” with Wendy’s chat with Amy Pascale in our last show.  This is our main August show where we speak with Mark Madeley, organiser of the London CSTS 2014 on 4 October.  Tickets are available from here and you can find all details on his

As well as that, Wendy talks about the unexpected Browncoat presence at the 2014 UK Discworld Convention and shamelessly plugs the panel that she is doing along with Les Howard, Kari Haley and Andy King at DragonCon.  If you are attending, please consider joining us as I’m sure it will be lively as we discuss our contribution into keeping The ‘Verse alive.  We are in the Chastain FG room at the Westin at 4pm on the Saturday.  The Whedonverse schedule can be found here.

Lastly, if you enjoyed following our “Firefly” RPG, please consider contributing to our GM, Ryan, fund-raising for Macmillan Cancer.  His Just Giving page is here.

As always, we hope you will enjoy the show and if you do, you can leave comments here or on our Facebook page or Twitter.

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Until next time

Odile and Wendy


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