Show 133: The One with the Shadow Gamers

Welcome to our November show!

IMG_2949This month we fulfil a promise to Toyvault and play their new “Firefly” board game, “Fistful of Credits”, and we also spoke with Jocelyn Fischer, Executive Producer of the new fan film, “Shadows on the Wind”.

We are pleased to say that John Mullaney (Serenity cutaway artist) and Gareth Cooper (writer and singer of “It’s Not About Politics”) joined us to play “Fistful of Credits” and talk about what they’re up to.

Must admit that we approached the game like buying furniture from IKEA, so we really were playing it as we went along. We managed to get the rudiments of the game fairly quickly for a basic play. This is a great game for something like a shindig, or a meet up where you’re not time luxurious or you don’t have a lot of space. It looks good, it’s a lot of fun, and I hope that you’ll consider buying it once you see it.

In case you don’t know, “Shadows on the Wind” currently has an Indiegogo campaign (16 days left!) and they are looking for your support, here. We were so pleased that Jocelyn was able to speak with us from Afghanistan and go into depth about their campaign. Very much looking forward to catching up with them again once they have the project finished.  Please watch their campaign video below.

Lastly, Odile bids us a fond farewell as real life affirms itself.

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Join Wendy for the December show.

Odile and Wendy


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