“Spectrum” comic

Spectrum comic coverA short note from PJ Haarsma regarding the “Spectrum” comic:

Spectrum Comic from Con Man
Hello everyone! I am so excited to start sharing with you the Spectrum comic that you helped create. Did you know that free, physical copies will be available at your local comic book store during Free Comic Book Day? Yep, Spectrum is one of the selected comics BUT you need to call them and ask them to order you a copy this week.  It would help us a lot and make them aware of Spectrum. Free Comic Book Day is on May 7th this year. Here is a handy store locator to find one near you:
Click here for the Comic Book Store Locator here.

Spectrum is on page 39 of the Previews book from Automatic Publishing. (If they ask you!)

And, here is a little taste of the first three pages! We will send you a digital version of the whole book when it’s ready in May. Don’t forget to call and thank you!

Click here for Spectrum’s first three pages.


Lots of love,
PJ Haarsma


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