Show 140: The One With CSTS 2016

CSTS 2016 4 ColorWelcome to the June show.

CSTS 2016 is officially underway with both the Browncoats of NYC and Utah Browncoats being the first to have held theirs, and Toronto will be soon.

I spoke with this years Global Event Organiser, Annie Burnaman, about the 2016 season.

If you want to find out if there is an event near you, please go to  If you think you want to run an event, please go to the website where you will find a cornucopia of information and the CSTS team who can help you with any query you can think of to help get you registered.  The window for registering to hold an event in 2016 is rapidly closing, so you’ll have to make haste.

Lastly, if, like me, you can’t get to an event this year or no event is near you, and you can’t run one yourself – don’t despair; you can still support by buying this year’s snazzy t-shirt from

As always, I hope you will enjoy the show and if you do, you can leave comments here or on our Facebook page or Twitter.

You can find our podcast on iTunes, here is a direct link to our page.

Of course you can also download the show directly from here. Or listen to the show on PLayerFM by clicking here.  We can also be found on here.  If none of those are for you, then you will always be able to listen to the latest show via here.

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Until July …!

Keep flyin’



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