Show 145: The One From DragonCon 2016 and Sean Faust

Was a bit quiet in September and anyone who has been to DragonCon knows that it takes a little while to recover from a DragonCon …

For the October show, I chat with the 76th Battalion prior to their marching in the annual DragonCon parade and you can keep up with them on their Facebook page, here.

I also chatted with Serenity Richards, from the South Eastern Browncoats in the closing a0046546949_2hours of the con catching up on their activities.  They are a great group to link into and have a brilliant line of fan merchandise and their website is here.  They are also on Facebook, here.

Lastly, Sean Faust and I chatted about cabbages and kings (which was mostly cut – sorry!) but mainly about his new song with Mikey Mason, “A Man Named Jayne” which you can buy via Bandcamp, here; Sean’s website is here; his Facebook page is here.

Incoming news; the location of the Browncoat Ball 2017 has been chosen and it will be held in historic Gettysburg, PA!  Congratulations to the organisers.  The Browncoat Ball 2017 Facebook page is here, The Browncoat Ball Facebook page is here and the website is here.

Joss Whedon is coming to the Alamo Drafthouse in South Lamarr, Austin TX on 14 October!  He is taking part in a Q & A earlier in the evening with local singer, Shawnee Kilgore, about their musical collaboration AND he’s staying to introduce a screening of “SERENITY” at 22:30 the same evening.  Full details about the “SERENITY” screening can be found here.

Of course, I can’t finish this without saying “congratulations” to Alan and Charissa Tudyk who got married last weekend.

Of course you can also download the show directly from here. Or listen to the show on PLayerFM by clicking here.  We can also be found on here.  If none of those are for you, then you will always be able to listen to the latest show via here.

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Keep flyin’


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