Show 146: The One With CSTS Orange County

Told you in the last show there was more …!

I spoke with Dawn and Lynelle about their CSTS event in Orange County, CA.

14276517_1776268615954413_394287045_nThe event is on 8 October – you still have time to either to pre-buy a ticket or make a donation – and all details can be found by following them on Twitter (@CSTS_OC) and Instagram, search for cstsorangecounty.

You can buy tickets for their event OR if you can’t go and just want to support them with a donation, you can do this via their brownpaper ticket page, here.

Although 2016’s CSTS season is now winding up, you can always follow CSTS news at the website, here and if you have been inspired to put on an event, you can find out more details there as well.

Of course you can also download the show directly from here. Or listen to the show on PLayerFM by clicking here.  We can also be found on here.  If none of those are for you, then you will always be able to listen to the latest show via here.

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Keep flyin’




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