October 2006 Sending a Wave now available!

Hi y’all,

Welcome back for show 6.

In this episode we discuss how the crew members found Firefly, and what other shows and movies get us excited.

We’ve also got an interview with Steve and Naomi from The Firefly Store which was recorded at Collectormania 10.And we let y’all know about listener contributions and feedback. Also Wendy embarrasses our producer Andrew by telling everyone what he’ll do when we get our first voicemail.

Hope everyone enjoys the show. You can subscribe to the feed listed to the right or download it by clicking here.Please come and leave us some feedback, send us emails, and some voicemails.

“Smoke me a kipper i’ll be back for breakfast.”

Last Chance to See (well, hear!)

Hi all,

We have decided to remove the first two episodes from the feed. Although the content is great, the audio quality of the episodes are not, and if a new subscriber starts with these we are worried that it may put them off!

The first two episodes will be available until Friday, 6th October, at which point we will be archiving them. You can download them via the feed, or click on the following links to download them direct:
Episode #1
Episode #2

If you want to download the whole set manually, go ahead, here are the other three:
Episode #3
Episode #4
Episode #5

Happy listening!

Join us in Leeds for the Shindig!

The Leeds Shindig that we mentioned in the last show is happening on Saturday, 7th October. Attendees are meeting at the Wokmania Restaurant in Leeds City Centre (see the map above) at midday (for directions click here) The full address is Park Plaza Hotel, 1, City Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 5NS. They will then be moving on to the Firefly Bar (yes, there really is a bar called the Firefly Bar, how cool is that?) They will be there until about eight o’clock. The full address for the Firefly Bar is 21, Park Row, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 5JF. Click here for a map.

Sending a Wave will be there covering the event and hopefully talking to as many of the fans as possible. Presenters Toni Myers, Wendy Scott and new presenter Mike Greaves will be there, as well as Andrew, their “Tech Guy”.

So, if you want to attend, just turn up at Wokmania for midday and at the Firefly Bar after about one. We hope to see as many people there as possible!

Episode #5 Online…

Yes, we sort of planned this, but weren’t sure that it would work out, so we didn’t tell you all (there’s nothing worse than promising an episode and not delivering!)

In this episode, we feature a couple more interviews from the Serenity 3 convention, Wendy and Toni look back at the Con, and as well as a brief news roundup we also introduce Mike, a male voice to add into the mix! (That’s him on the left, with Wendy on the right. That’s Toni in the middle, courtesy of Skype!)

By and large, the episodes will now come out monthly, with the next one scheduled for early October (we will give you an exact date nearer to the time).

You can download episode #5 by clicking here. If you want to subscribe to the feed via iTunes, open iTunes then click here. Please send us feedback or voicemails at wave@futilityradio.com.

We also recommend that you take a look at the superb merchandise offered at The Big Damn Site.

Finally, for more information on Joss Whedon’s favourite charity, Equality Now, click here.

We all hope you enjoy the show, see you in October!

Toni, Wendy and Mike.

Serenity 3 (Part 2) Now Available

Yes, the second and final part of our convention coverage is now available to download. Either subscribe to the feed or click here to download the episode manually.

Wendy and Toni would just like to say a great thanks to all of the people who took part in these shows, it would not have been possible without you.

The next Sending a Wave will be available at some point in early October, we will post more details as soon as we have decided on them. Hope you have enjoyed the shows, please feel free to email comments or voicemails using the email address to the right, we would all love to hear what you thought about the show.

See you in October!

Serenity 3 (Part 1) Podcast Online Now!

Hi, well thanks to Toni and Wendy’s hard work at the convention, I am pleased to tell you that the first part of our two part coverage of the Serenity 3 convention at London Heathrow is now online! The girls talk to a number of fellow attendees (some of them sober!) covering the Friday and Saturday night!

You can subscribe to the show using the RSS feed to the right, or you can download the new episode directly by clicking here.

The second part, covering the Sunday, will be available tomorrow evening.

Serenity 3 update


The convention has ended! And what a convention it’s been; the organisor, Sean Harry and the Starfury team have outdone themselves on this occasion.

We’ve had a great time talking to as many fans as would speak to us – thank you very much.

We’re tired and there is still much drinking to be done.

Listen, enjoy and we hope we’ve been able to give a soundbite to the weekend.

Here’s to Serenity 4 in Glasgow in March 2007!


Toni and Wendy