Podcast Update for Serenity 3!

Wendy and Toni are at Serenity 3 right now and we were due to have our first live show covering events on Friday, however no one is being allowed to record the panel discussions and as a result we have less material than we were hoping to get.

Because of this, we feel that putting out half a show would be a lacklustre way of covering the event so we will wait until Show Two (scheduled for Sunday 17th) to bring you news from the Con.

It All Looks So Shiny! (well it will eventually)
On a seperate matter, you will probably notice that we have started to make some changes to the look of the site and jazz it up a bit, although it would appear that our blog hosts are having some issues with thier templates at the moment so if things don’t look quite right, please bear with us.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our podfeed for Sunday’s show: http//www.futilityradio.com/sawlist.xml


Podcast Schedule for Serenity 3!

Having talked at length this evening, Toni & Wendy (who present the show) have agreed with Andrew and Mike (producers) that we will present the following shows over the course of the convention:

Friday, 15th September: Show One
This will cover the opening ceremony that takes place on Friday 15th and any other interviews we can do.

Sunday, 17th September: Show Two
This will cover the events on Saturday 16th. As yet no timetable has been published, so we won’t know until Friday what will be going on.

Monday, 18th September: Show Three
This will cover Sunday 17th. As above, we don’t know the timetable but it is a fair bet that this show will include the closing ceremony!

Wendy and Toni are attending the whole event, and we hope to bring the highlights of it to you. We will try to talk to as many fans as we can, and bring you as much other info as posssible. So if you are going and you run into them, make sure you say “Hi.”

The timetable is all subject to change – your best bet is to subscribe to the feed:


and just see what happens!

New Trailer added to Podcast feed

The new trailer, which tells listeners about our intention to cover the Serenity 3 Convention in Heathrow, has been added to the podcast feed. You get to find out Wendy’s favourite alcoholic beverage, and that she can’t remember web addresses!

As well as being on our own podcast feed, the trailer has been submitted to both Firefly Talk and The Signal, as well as Michael and Evo’s Wingin’ It show. You can also download it by clicking here.

Both Wendy and Toni will be at Serenity 3, doing some interviews and round table discussions, so if you are there and you see two suspicious looking people with microphones, introduce yourselves. If you are not going, we will be covering the event on Sending a Wave, exact details of what we are planning will be here on the site in the next few days.

Keep listening!

Podcast feed is live!

Hi, well, the podcast feed is now live for the show, we should be putting a trailer out before the end of the weekend.

To subscribe to the feed, paste the following link into your podcatching software:


There are already some trial episodes up there, since then we have improved the sound quality of the recordings but they do give you a good idea of the spirit of the show.

The show is (kind of) available on iTunes – that is, the old feed is, before Futility Radio took over production of the show, and as soon as we start putting new episodes on (for example the Serenity 3 convention material in just over a week!) we will also publish the show on iTunes and have a one click subscription button. How cool is that?

Live from Serenity 3!

Hi folks, welcome to the website for the new Firefly/Serenity Podcast, which will be kicking off next week with some almost live shows from the Serenity 3 convention in Heathrow. We hope to bring you a show each night for the three nights of the convention, with round table discussions, and hopefully some of the guest panels! The show is presented by Wendy and Toni, who will be at the event, and will be followed up by monthly shows about your favourite topic. Details of how to subscribe to the show will be posted before the event, so watch the space!